Fun read.

I’ve never agreed with Jim Nill’s preference for “hockey” numbers. I think non-traditional numbers stand out and are more appealing to younger fans. Miro wore 41 a lot in Finland (sometimes 42), I hoped he’d keep 41 as a unique number for a unique talent. I think it would sell more jerseys. Also, no matter how good Miro is, he will not be the best defenseman to ever wear the number 4.

The best number story this season for the Stars is Marchmont wearing 27 to honor his late father. As part of that story Riley Tufte gave up the number for him. Looking at pictures of Tufte through the years he has worn 27 at every level since high school, clearly the number means something to him. Good on him to give it up to a new teammate in support of the Marchmont family’s recent loss.

Liked Roussel wearing 60 and remember the 20-40-60 line. I hope Bourque and Johnston keep their current numbers though Stankoven should wear 11 (vertical stripes might make look a little taller).

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You make some great points, especially about younger generation liking non traditional numbers more. I'm more of a traditionalist in this but 100 people, 100 opinions I guess...

That Marchment story was really intriguing and you have another good point that 27 means something special to Tufte as well and it was a really nice gesture from him to give it up.

There are other minor storylines like Caamano wanting number 10, then getting it only to give it up for Dellandrea. I could definitely do a part 2 sometime in the future - just focusing on interesting jersey numbers and stories behind them.

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